It’s hard to say goodbye. 
Especially when you never think you would. 
Turning my head towards the sky, 
Imagining how I ever could. 
It’s tough to move on, 
And leave these feelings behind. 
I was never that strong, 
To get you out of my mind. 
I can never forget that day, 
The moment when I knew. 
The few words I could never say; 
My whole world was you. 
Whenever I close my eyes, 
There’s only one thing I see. 
My heart often cries, 
Dreaming of you still smiling back at me. 
Your compassion forever etched in my mind, 
Your personality always displayed with grace. 
A beauty like yours is hard to find, 
You heart as gorgeous as your face. 
I always hoped we would end up together, 
Sometimes I still do. 
I feel like you were my only forever, 
My whole world was you. 
I’ve never felt like this since, 
I don’t know if I ever will. 
It’s tough to move on like this; 
I loved you before and I love you still. 
I pictured you as my perfect spouse, 
And your life filling me up with pride. 
I often dreamed of our own house, 
And our two girls playing outside. 
You would be the first thing I would see, 
The only person to wake up next to. 
My only thought as you look at me, 
My whole world is you. 
My day stood still when I heard your wedding bells, 
My life felt like it was done. 
It hurts to think of you with someone else, 
It stings to know I wasn’t the one. 
No matter how sad it makes me, 
I love you still. 
I want you to be as happy as you can be, 
I always will. 
It’s tough for me to move past, 
The only person I wanted to be next to. 
I hoped it would forever last, 
Because my whole world was you.