We need to open up and let others in;
Only then will happiness stay forever.
We all need to express our love.
Love, the only thing that shows you care.


In a world of her own,
a galaxy, her heart has shown.
the stars, glittering in her eyes;
as she dances, with the fireflies.

Drift Away

Close your eyes and drift away,
Picture some flowers, dance and sway.
Imagine a meadow,
Luscious and green.
Imagine a lake,
Peaceful and serene
Watch the leaves sprout and grow,
Imagine a beauty, you’ve never seen.


Fluffy and white;
these popcorns in the sky,
shine bright.
Without wings, they fly.

Close your eyes and see

You are stronger than you think,
You can change the world within a blink.
Just close your eyes and see,
You are everything you’re supposed to be.

One Wish

If I could have one wish,
I’d wish for a thousand more.
If I had one dollar,
I’d want a trillion more.

Hershey’s Kiss

I could sense something special that day,
Something wonderful heading my way.

Be my Valentine

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Love is a blessing,
And so are you

Worth Melting For

Her words so sweet,
Healed my broken heart.
Her Gifs, a treat,
Gave my life a restart.