While volunteering at a Blues and Jazz Festival in Port Credit, I encountered an eager travel fan. We both were merely sharing our stories, innocently trying to one up the other. I obviously won because this person requested that I tell more people about my stories. I’m not egoistic, I told them to do the same. However, I already have a blog, plus, I love to write. So why not write about my life?  

Hence, here I am, ready to share my stories with the world. I think that we should be living our adventure and sharing the story. I feel like the first place to start would be the most recent trip I went on, which would be to the Muskoka/Algonquin region.  

Our trip started with us waiting at the Highway 407 TTC station for our “driver”. I say it like that because even though it was his car, I was the one that drove for the entire trip. I guess I’m an awesome driver. Now, before I go any further, I must give a shout out to our boy Stephen. We rented an Airbnb from him and all I can say is wow. His place was exceptional!  

Two rooms with a Queen bed in each, a large lounge/living room area, fully stocked bathroom, numerous board games, a pool table, and a large screen TV with an Xbox, ps2, and NES 42. To top it all off, the view outside the unit was gorgeous as well. Here’s the best part, it was only $180. I think we spent a good hour trying to figure out how he made any profit from this. This gem of a person provided us with a map of the area and a guide on the best places to visit and where to go for food. Now I don’t know if everyone in that area is awesome as him, but I was super impressed. 

We spent our day in the area by going to 3 places. Our first stop was to the Dorset look out tower. The drive up to the parking lot was truly surreal with the amount of snow covering the trees and path. The climb up was strenuous but totally worth it. It was worth visiting and I would recommend it to anyone that ever wants to see so the beauty that this region has to offer. 

After that, we drove out to Algonquin park. The park was about to close, so we spent about 30 minutes driving around trying to look for Moose. Without any luck, we turned back and headed to the Ragged Falls trail at Oxtongue lake. The drive up to the entrance was snowed up. The car would have gotten stuck, hence, we had to park near the side of the highway. Some of us were concerned about parking the car there, hence, we got out and tried to “kick” the snow back in the hopes of clearing up some sort of a path. Not very successful, but certainly a curious site to see. Regardless, we left the car and hiked up the trail. Given the cold, the snow, and the ice, there were certain parts to the trail. That didn’t stop a group of thrill-seekers like us. We made it down to the edge of the water, ankle-deep in snow. I could go on and on about how beautiful it looked from down there and how it made me feel. But I’m just going to leave a few pictures so that you can experience it for yourself rather than through my words. 

We spent about an hour there after which, we went into town for a well-deserve meal. We went to a pub called The Mill on Main. The food there was delicious, and the service was exemplary. Given how fast night befalls Canada, we were back at Stephen’s Airbnb by 7 or 8pm. It was too early for us Pakistani’s to sleep, so we spent the rest of the time playing boardgames and Xbox. Once again, Stephen stepped up in a big way by getting us a brand-new controller for the Xbox so that all four of us could play together. We got “Settlers of Catan” so that we could hopefully play that game as well, but none of us really knew how to play it. I spent a good 30 minutes trying to learn how to play it, but we never did.  

Around midnight was when we all turned in and I think that might be one of the best sleeps I had in the entire month. I’m of course a little sad that I missed the sunrise from the viewpoint outside our room, but I still enjoyed my sleep.  

We went for breakfast at the Main St. Local Kitchen. Their servings size was huge, and the food was once again delicious. That marked the end of an amazing, awesome trip. 

For anyone that has never been, I would definitely recommend going to the Muskoka area. We had our fair bit of laughs, saw some amazing sites, and it was a truly inspirational experience to see how beautiful, friendly, and inviting different parts of this amazing country are. 

If you have been to Muskoka, please tell me what you liked the most about the area and any recommendations that you would give to others that may want to visit that region. I look forward to hearing about it!