Fluttering her wings, 
swooshing in flight. 
flying in rings, 
emanating her light. 

Soaring through the leaves, 
and the sky. 
beautiful and free; 
like the rain in July. 

Standing on the edge, 
swimming on the horizon. 
gliding through life, 
shining brighter than the sun. 

Rising up high, 
towards the cloud. 
letting the wind pass by, 
living out loud. 

In a world of her own, 
a galaxy, her heart has shown. 
the stars, glittering in her eyes; 
as she dances, with the fireflies. 

Standing pure, 
living free. 
more beautiful, 
than anything I will ever see. 

Like fresh snow, 
on pine trees. 
like the summer glow, 
in every kid’s fantasies. 

Like butterflies, 
in colourful meadows. 
like mountain tops, 
and artsy shadows. 

Like sunrise, 
at the beach. 
a sight of heaven, 
not so far out of reach. 

Like a rainbow, 
after rain, 
like seeing sunset, 
from a moving train. 

In a world, different from my own. 
a galaxy, my heart has never known. 
watching the stars, glitter in her eyes; 
as she dances, with the fireflies.