Close your eyes and drift away, 
Picture some flowers, dance and sway. 
Imagine a meadow, 
Luscious and green. 
Imagine a lake, 
Peaceful and serene 
Watch the leaves sprout and grow, 
Imagine a beauty, you’ve never seen. 
Drift away to wonderland, 
A land of peace and desire. 
Imagine yourself in heaven, 
Your own personal shire. 
A kingdom of your own, 
In a land your hopes have shown. 
Where your worries disappear, 
And you live free from fear. 
Stay still and open your mind, 
There are so many wonders for you to find. 
Imagine the sea, 
Glistening under the sunlight, 
Imagine the sky, 
Brightened by the moonlight. 
Your life can be whatever you want it to be, 
Live for your heaven, all day and all night.