Fluffy and white; 
these popcorns in the sky, 
shine bright. 
Without wings, they fly. 
powered by the Lord’s light. 

They soar through heaven and space; 
these dragons of imagination, 
fly with grace. 
One of God’s greatest creation, 
are present in every place. 

They come in all shapes and sizes; 
they are there, 
whether the sun sets or rises. 
They are everywhere, 
bringing new surprises. 

If the world gets too bright; 
they bring shade, 
by turning white. 
And fade, 
when we need the suns light. 

And when the world gets too dry, 
they bring rain 
from the sky. 
They cleanse away the pain; 
with happiness, the trees do cry. 

Without any obstacles; 
these pillows in the sky, 
fly full-circles. 
They soar up high, 
as one of God’s greatest miracles.