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About Wali Zia

I enjoy writing stories and poems. I hope to one day become a published author or poet. I've had an anthem published in my school magazine and I'm hoping to take my talents further by sharing my Social Word.

The Storm

The winds were howling like a hungry pack of wolves. Unrelenting, vicious, without remorse. It was sucking up everything in its path. The strong and sturdy trees were still standing tall, trying their hardest to withstand the constant bombardment.

The Scientist

I followed the evil scientist into a dark room. What I saw, I would never forget. Well technically, at first, it wasn’t much of what I saw, but of what I heard. I could hear him talking in that sinister and creepy voice; laughing in his deluded and senile methods. Suddenly, the lights flared up. I tried to run out but I couldn’t. I was tied up.

The Flower

It felt claustrophobic. There was no space to move. I was so cramped that I couldn’t move from the fetal position that I laid in. I was glad that at the very least I didn’t feel tied up. I couldn’t feel any pressure on my wrists or ankles to indicate anything restricting my movement. Yet, I was still imprisoned.

The Flight

It was time. It could not be delayed any longer. It was now or never, a do or die moment. I had to do it, but I was scared; petrified actually. I was comfortable where I was, I felt safe. We could not stay here much longer, we had to leave.


It’s tough for me to move past,
The only person I wanted to be next to.
I hoped it would forever last,
Because my whole world was you.